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MORE HEALTH PROBLEMS REPORTED WITH HAIR AND SKIN CARE PRODUCTS NPR We rub, pour, sprinkle and spray them all over our bodies, so you’d hope cosmetics would undergo serious safety oversight before they get into our hands. But in fact, the cosmetics industry is largely self-regulated, with no requirements for approval before going on the market. And once on the market, there are few systems in place to monitor the safety of personal care products. “You can start making a cosmetic and start selling it the next day without any kind of permission from the FDA,” said Steve Xu,...

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Leadership Message: Training the Next Generation of Physicians and Scientists to Improve Healthcare

This May, we celebrated our superb graduating medical students and all they have accomplished to earn their medical degrees. A group of extraordinarily talented physicians and physician-scientists, the MD Class of 2017 set the bar high for classes to come. But of course, the journey is far from over for these new doctors, who now take on the challenge of residency. It’s a challenge we know they’ll face head on and with success. After all, this year 64 percent of our graduating medical students matched at a top 25 school — an all-time high for Feinberg. Northwestern is one...

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