Medical students from each of Feinberg’s four societies (Lawless, Thompson, Ricketts and Cooper) competed in physical and mental challenges during this year’s Society Olympics, hosted by the Medical Alumni Association. The Cooper Society took home the trophy.

Alumni President’s Message: Helping Our Students Succeed


As chairman of the Engagement Committee, I have had the opportunity to be a part of an “exit interview” process with a group of graduating Feinberg students for the past three years. Usually the interview took place over pizza and beer at Gino’s East in a fairly relaxed atmosphere.

While I asked standard questions, the student answers were certainly not standard. Why apply to Feinberg? Answers included: because it’s a “top tier medical school,” it has an “outstanding reputation” and “strong medical school and residencies.” Were there any surprises? Responses included: “faculty and alumni both wanted us to succeed” and “the structure of the didactics and the clinical work were designed to make us good doctors.” And, finally, I asked, Would you do it again? On student summed it up like this: “Yes, I wanted to be challenged academically and prepared for residency. Feinberg did them both.”

Clearly I was talking with a hand-picked group of Feinberg students, but I sensed among them a feeling of accomplishment and a strong undertone that as senior students, they were well prepared for their next challenge. How can we as alumni then support the Feinberg student body? Certainly, by aligning ourselves with the school’s administration and by seeking new ideas to engage our students, GMEs and alumni.

With this in mind, we are fully implementing the new HOST Program for our M4s. HOST is an acronym for Help Our Students Travel. The program launched on August 29th through our Mentoring Committee and the work of Emily Jones, ’08 MD, ’11 GME, and Dan Schwarzlose from our Alumni Office. Through this program, alumni offer free housing and other resources to M4s when they travel for their residency interviews. This program is being offered in collaboration with the Northwestern Alumni Association in Evanston using the same program and software as the Northwestern Network Mentoring Program and the NEXT Program.

We undertook a commitment in April of 2015 to seek greater geographic, ethnic and cultural diversity on the Medical Alumni Association Board (MAAB). We added 20 new board members between November 2015 and November 2017 to amplify and diversify our engagement offerings to GMEs and Feinberg alumni and students. The resulting interaction with our MAAB members and the quality of offerings to our alumni and students has markedly increased as diversity is having its effect.

I would like to highlight the story one of our recently added MAAB members, Dr. Ed Kim, ’96 MD. Ed is currently the Donald Kim Professor of Solid Tissue Oncology at the Levine Cancer Institute in the Carolina’s Health Care System in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ed was raised in Terre Haute, Indiana, because his father was a professor of finance at Indiana State University. He became interested in medicine at a very early age when his brother was found to have Kawasaki disease. After graduation as an HPME/MD in 1996, he did his medical residency at Baylor and his oncology fellowship at MD Anderson. He met his wife during his residency at the Baylor School of Medicine as she was preparing to go to Harvard Medical School. They have two children, Elyssa and Alex.

150 Years

This year is the Medical Alumni Association’s 150th anniversary! The Alumni Association of the Chicago Medical College (what later became Northwestern University’s medical school) was organized in 1867. Today, our members number nearly 25,000.

Ed loved his experience at Northwestern as an HPME and Feinberg graduate. He was a huge Bears and Cubs fan and an enthusiastic follower of varsity sports at Northwestern. He was a varsity cheerleader during his undergraduate days. Ed illustrates a common theme on our board — a strong clinical expertise in medicine and a palpable sense of giving back to an institution that helped lay a strong foundation for their medical careers.

With the improving trajectory of the medical school and GME experience, it was very easy to recruit new talent to the MAAB. We are harnessing our terrific MAAB talent to catalyze professionalism in medicine, to improve education at Feinberg and to instill a culture of giving back to Feinberg among our alumni.

Other MAAB members include:

Smriti Banthia, MD, ’09 GME, ’10 GME
Roshni Bhatnagar, student
Paul H. Bonucci, ’96 MD
Thomas E. Bournias, MD, ’92 GME
Robert A. Buethe, Jr., ’64 MD
F. Douglas Carr, ’78 MD
Austin Edward Culver, ’16 MD
Christopher J. Devine, ’92 MD
Paul Joseph Devlin, ’15 MD
Marie Donaldson, student
Jordan S. Dubow, ’03 MD, ’07 GME
Sridhar M. Durbhakula, ’97 MD
Wil Gibb, student
Nupur Ghoshal, MD, ’99 PhD, ’03 MD
William J. Gilligan, ’62 MD, ’67 GME
Sharon Gohari, ’04 MD, ’08 GME
Javier Guevara, ’12 MD
James A. Hill, ’74 MD, ’79 GME
Kerry Klegar Humes, ’90 MD
Walter W. Huurman, ’62 MD
Emily Jones, ’08 MD, ’11 GME
James Patrick Kelly, ’73 MD
Edward S.H. Kim, ’96 MD
Brianna Marie Knoll, student
Ada Jain Kumar, ’97 MD

Alan M. Kumar, ’98 MD
Jeffry B. Lawrence, ’79 MD
Gregory H. Lee, ‘02 MD
David A. Lickstein, ’93 MD, ’94 GME
Kenneth W. Merkitch, ’84 MD, ’88 GME
John B. Nanninga, ’63 MD, ’70 GME
Ernest E. Nitka, ’81 MD, ’82, ’85 GME
Edward Charles Osterberg, III, ’09 MD
Thomas L. Pitts, ’76 MD, ’79, ’81 GME
Rishindra M. Reddy, MD
Gary H. Rusk, ’00 MD
Jeffrey J. Schaider, ’69 MD
Bruce F. Scharschmidt, ’85 MD
Melani Pertcheck Shaum, ’80 MD
Jeffrey Sherman, MD, ’84, ’85 GME
Elizabeth Spinuzza Harris, ’86 MD
Tim Sullivan, Jr., ’64 MD
Bonnie L. Typlin, ’74 MD
Arjun K. Venkatesh, ’08 MD
Nick Volpe, Jr., student
Diane Bronstein Wayne, ’91 MD
David P. Winchester, ’63 MD, ’70 GME
George P. Yang, ’94 MD
Mark J. Zucker, ’81 MD, ’87 GME

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