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Seven Decades of Dedication – Dr. Leslie Arey

Earlier this year, Michael Sawaya, MD ’68, sent a suggestion for a future topic for the Ward Rounds history blog. “Would enjoy something of the career of Leslie B. Arey. Dr Arey taught embryology to first-year medical...

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Breaking Gender Barriers at Northwestern

Piece done by Amy Cross from Northwestern News Network – 10/05/11 Dr. Margaret Gerber graduated from Northwestern University in 1939 and from the medical school in 1944.  Decades after her graduation, Gerber, who goes by...

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Class of 1958 Expressed their School Pride in Song

Alumnus Alon Winnie submitted a song he wrote called Alma Mater Medica during his time at the medical school. We’ll get his sense of pride and the background behind the writing of this piece of music that honors the medical school.

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