Northwestern Medicine expresses its condolences to the families and friends of the following alumni (listed in order of their graduation year) and faculty who have recently passed away. All are in 2019.


John L. Thorsness, ’47 DDS, Spooner, Wisconsin, died July 1.

William B. Spriegel, ’48 MD, Lake Forest, Illinois, died June 16.

Chafick N. Mansour, ’51 MD, Oak Park, Illinois, died June 1.

Evan F. Evans, ’51 MD, Ogden, Utah, died June 28.

A. Charles Alexander, ’51 MD, ’55 MS, Racine, Wisconsin, died June 17.

Guillermo M. Pujadas, MD, ’52 GME, Jacksonville, Florida, died June 15.

David E. Whitehead, ’55 MD, Coventry, Connecticut, died August 13.

Robert G. McKillop, ’56 MD, Portland, Oregon. died May 24.

Jack R. Lees, ’56 MD, St. Paul, Minnesota, died June 13.

Robert L. Johnson, ’56 MD, Port Edwards, Wisconsin, died June 18.

Vern G. Tolstedt, ’57 MD, Helena, Montana, died June 13.

Neiland R. Olson, ’57 MD, Colorado Springs, Colorado, died July 9.

Kevin P. Glynn, ’61 MD, La Jolla, California, died June 16.

Leonard I. Kranzler, ’63 MD, ’69 GME, Skokie, Illinois, died July 17.

Robert M. Wendel, ’63 MD, ’69 GME, Tucson, Arizona, died August 14.

Edward D. Frohlich, ’63 MD, New Orleans, Louisiana, died August 16.

James B. Larson, ’66 MD, Bismarck, North Dakota, died August 15.

Dixon F. Spivy, ’67 MD, Chicago, Illinois, died August 3.

William M. Psaltis, ’72 DDS, Tucson, Arizona, died August 27.

Kerry J. Kaplan, ’74 MD, ’77, ’79 GME, Palm Harbor, Florida, died June 27.


Wilson H. Hartz, Jr., ’48 MD, associate professor emeritus of Emergency Medicine, Cody, Wyoming, died July 7.

Howard L. Alt, ’71 MD, ’75 GME, clinical instructor of Psychiatry, Skokie, Illinois, died September 11.