In Memoriam

Northwestern Medicine expresses its condolences to the families and friends of the following alumni (listed in order of their graduation year) and faculty who have passed away. All dates are in 2022 unless specified below.


George W. Crane, Jr. ’46 MD 
Durham, NC 
April 30 

Juanita J. Jones ’49 BSDH 
Decatur, IL 
April 23 

Carl J. Olson ’50 MD 
Palm Harbor, FL 
March 17 

Douglas E. Williamson, ’53 MD 
Venice, FL 
March 24 

Grandon E. Tolstedt, ’53 MD 
Rockford, IL 
May 5 

Russell H. Watt, ’53 MD 
Marshalltown, IA 
March 25 

William F. King, ’55 MD, ’56 GME 
Denton, TX 
February 18 

George S. Kendrick, ’55 DEN 
Dallas, TX 
March 25 

Harry Koenig, ’56 GME 
Ishpeming, MI 
April 1 

Marianne Johnson, ’57 BSN 
Vero Beach, FL 
February 23 

Mary J. Rutherford ’57 BSM 
Tupelo, MS 
March 9 

Kenning M. Anderson, ’58 MD 
Evanston, IL 
March 1 

Amos Paul Brown ’59 DDS 
Lewiston, UT 
March 12 

James L. Padgett ’59 MS 
Monroe, LA 
March 12 

Paul Bennett, ’60 MD 
Whitewater, WI 
March 27 

Fred A. Shiraki ’61 MD 
Santa Clara, CA 
April 11 

Christopher T. Drake, ’65 GME 
Sarasota, FL 
March 8 

James W. Strickland, ’68 GME 
Indianapolis, IN 
April 13 

Jagger F. Lawrence, ’72 DDS 
Colorado Springs, CO 
April 1 

John M. Wieland, ’73 GME, ’75 GME 
Winnetka, IL 
February 26 

John R. Hughes, ’75 MD 
Wilmette, IL 
February 25 

Thomas Chih Cheng Peng, ’83 MD 
Moseley, VA 
March 30 

Mark S. Regan ’93 GME 
Middleton, WI 
March 11