Happy birthday to Margaret Gerber, ’44 MD! She turned 100 on November 14.

William Hobbins ’48 MD, of Fitchburg, Wis., received the first Thermography Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Thermology in 2012.


Painting of the Olympic flame by Nicholas J. Demos, ’54 MS, ’55 MD, ’58 GME

Nicholas J. Demos, ’54 MS, ’55 MD, ’58 GME, retired from his surgical career in 2013. He writes, “As a professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now Rutgers School of Biomedical and Health Sciences), I have been teaching medical students about my over-50 years of experience. Moreover, I continue my hobby, painting.”  Demos’s painting of the Olympic flame is above.

William D. Pletcher, ’55 MD, of Elkhart, Ind., retired in December 2014 after a career in medicine. His first wife died in 1998, and he remarried in November 2005. Pletcher has four children — including two in the medical field — and 18 grandchildren.

William “Jack” Frable, ’59 MD, ’60, ’64 GME, in his home studio in Richmond, VA

William “Jack” Frable, ’59 MD, ’60, ’64 GME, in his home studio in Richmond, VA

William “Jack” Frable, ’59 MD, ’60, ’64 GME, of Virginia is a retired pathologist and an avid painter, focusing on watercolors in particular. He is pictured in his home studio in Richmond, Va. 

From left, Donald Steelberg ’56, Connor Steelberg ’16, Elsie Enns Steelberg ’56, ’60 MD, ’64 GME, Derek Steelberg ’86 and Maria Vignali Steelberg ’87

From left, Donald Steelberg ’56, Connor Steelberg ’16, Elsie Enns Steelberg ’56, ’60 MD, ’64 GME, Derek Steelberg ’86 and Maria Vignali Steelberg ’87

Three generations of the Steelberg family, all Northwestern University alumni, gathered at the school’s commencement in June.

Michael L. Friedman, ’67 MD, of Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., works in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the UCLA Health System after 41 years in private practice in Torrance, Calif. He supervises two younger doctors and is enjoying life without the stress of running a private practice. Some of his patients have been coming to him for more than 35 years.

Trent W. Nichols, ’69 MD, ’76, ’78 GME, internist, nutritionist and gastroenterologist, was one of the keynote speakers at the 2nd International Conference on Hepatology, held May 9–11 in Chicago. He presented his research “Wnt signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma, an emerging epidemic: Gene up regulation of Wnt 5a pathways with toll receptor 4 with moderated magnetic fields on human stem cells and mice and high dose vitamin D3 prevention.” His experience with liver disease at Martinsburg VA Medical Center, W.Va., provided this background. He is currently chief medical officer for Lumenau, a new biotech company for photonic therapy.


Demetrios Velis, ’79 MD, of Amsterdam, became the senior attending neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist at Free University Medical Center’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Program in February.

Kenneth Heiferman, ’82 MD, ’88 GME, with Kim Heiferman, RN, and Paul Sacks, ’82 MD

Kenneth Heiferman, ’82 MD, ’88 GME, with Kim Heiferman, RN, and Paul Sacks, ’82 MD

Paul Sacks, ’82 MD, writes, “Just turned 60 a few weeks ago and starting to think about some moderation. I don’t think I could handle the subzero temperatures along Lake Shore Drive anymore. It was once so cold that we took a cab from the Lake Shore Club to the Ward Building. There is not much snow down here in Phoenix, but I could do without the 119-degree days that we recently experienced. I miss my NUMS days so much. Just spent some time with Kenny Heiferman, ’82 MD, ’88 GME, down here and have been able to catch up with Kathy Tuttle, ’82 MD, ’85 GME, every few years when I see her at the renal meetings. 

Larry Kwak, ’83 MD, ’84 PhD, of Duarte, Calif., is vice president and cancer center associate director for developmental therapeutics and translational research at the City of Hope National Medical Center. He received the 2016 Ho-Am Prize in Medicine. The prize, widely considered the equivalent to the Nobel Prize in Korea, is awarded in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, arts and community service. Kwak was recognized for his research on immunology and therapeutic cancer vaccines.

Tapan K. Daftari, ’88 MD, and Byron D. Rosenstein, ’82 MD, were named to the 2016 list of Top Doctors in Atlanta magazine’s July issue.

Helena Gabriel, ’89 MD, ’94 GME, catches up with Frank Krumlovsky, ’62 MD, ’68 GME, Vince Freeman, MD, MPH, and Richard Wong, MD.

Helena Gabriel, ’89 MD, ’94 GME, catches up with Frank Krumlovsky, ’62 MD, ’68 GME, Vince Freeman, MD, MPH, and Richard Wong, MD.

Helena Gabriel, ’89 MD, ’94 GME, associate professor of Radiology at Feinberg and director of the School of Ultrasound, writes, “In 1988, when I was a fourth-year Northwestern medical student doing my sub-internship in internal medicine, we had a fantastic team consisting of Frank Krumlovsky, ’62 MD, ’68 GME, as the attending, Dr. Vince Freeman as the resident, Dr. Richard Wong as the intern, and myself as the fourth-year medical student. We had such a wonderful time together that we kept in touch in the form of an annual dinner. Well, this annual dinner has now continued for 28 years. Who would have thought that a six-week sub-internship would result in such strong, wonderful friendships with such longevity!”


Daniel Ivankovich_150Daniel Ivankovich, ’95 MD, ’02 GME, an orthopaedic surgeon, and his team at the OnePatient Global Health Initiative perform more than 600 surgeries a year, working with 14 inner-city hospitals in Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods to provide medical care to anyone who needs it, regardless of ability to pay. The American Red Cross honored him with a 2016 Community Impact Award for that work.

Aaron Gerber, ’96 MD, former partner at Oliver Wyman, was appointed president of Sg2, a developer of analytics-based healthcare intelligence.

David Y. Kan, ’99 MD, associate chief of service for quality improvement and assurance joined Bright Heart Health as medical director of the national Rapid Access Opioid Use Disorder Program.


Jennifer Best, ’00 MD, associate professor of Medicine at the University of Washington, was awarded a research grant from the Joan F. Giambalvo Fund for the Advancement of Women. The fund was established by the American Medical Association (AMA) to recognize influential women physician leaders. Best is a principal investigator of a study evaluating the impact of parental leave on resident trainees. 

Monica Rho, MD, Physical Medicine and RehabilitationMonica E. Rho, ’05 MD, ’09 GME, of Chicago, is an assistant professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Feinberg and director of women’s sports ­medicine at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. She became the medical director of the Joffrey Ballet in 2014. In 2015, Rho was named the head team physician for the U.S. men’s paralympic soccer team that went to Rio de Janeiro in September for the 2016 Summer ­Paralympic Games. Rho also co-edited, Sex Differences in Sports Medicine (Demos ­Medical, 2016), the first medical textbook to explore anatomic, physiologic and bio­mechanical sex differences and how they relate to sports medicine.

Cassie Kuo, ’06 MD, was appointed chief of Anesthesia at Kaiser Permanente, Northern Virginia.

Cristin D. Subramaniam, ’09 MD, joined Bayshore Opthalmology.

Mazen Albaghdadi, '11 MD, ’13 MS, ’15 GME (third from left), with colleagues in the cardiac catheterization laboratory of the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute.

Mazen Albaghdadi, ’11 MD, ’13 MS, ’15 GME (third from left), with colleagues in the cardiac catheterization laboratory of the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute.

Mazen Albaghdadi, ’11 MD, ’13 MS, ’11 ’15 GME, traveled to Tanzania to help train local cardiologists in the performance of percutaneous coronary intervention at the only cardiac catheterization laboratory in the country. As a volunteer with the non-governmental organization Madaktari, he supported capacity building efforts at the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute to develop local invasive cardiology services. He also participated in ceremonies recognizing the first Sub-Saharan chapter of the American College of Cardiology and met the former president of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete.

Ivan Ciric, MD, '66 GME, recently published "Listen To The Patient, Of Life and Neurosurgery"

Ivan Ciric, MD, ’66 GME, recently published “Listen To The Patient, Of Life and Neurosurgery”

Ivan Ciric, MD, ’66 GME, emeritus professor of Neurological Surgery at Feinberg, recently published a memoir titled Listen To The Patient, Of Life and Neurosurgery. Ciric weaves together the story of his life that brought him from a continent and an ocean away to the United States and the meaning, secrets and ethical aspects of neurosurgery, including the unique privilege and daunting responsibility of navigating through the human brain. Through a series of patient stories and operations, he describes the steps leading up to a neurosurgical procedure for a number of neurologic maladies and shares the intricate details and majestic beauty of brain and spinal cord operations in an easy to understand prose. The book has received numerous salutary reviews.

Gregory Pearl, MD, ’85, ’86 GME, of Dallas, a vascular surgeon at Texas Vascular Associates, was appointed medical adviser at Top10MD, a service that connects patients with top physicians. He will contribute to the Top10MD medical advisory board as the company expands across the country.

Andrew Haig_150Andrew Haig, MD, ’86 GME, of Ann Arbor, Mich., joined Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in February as vice president of accountable care and medical informatics. He is responsible for developing accountable and value-based care strategies for the hospital’s business and 26 network partners. Haig is professor emeritus of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Michigan and president of Haig et al. Consulting. He is a recognized rehabilitation expert with a clinical focus on spinal disorders, electrodiagnosis of nerve diseases and cancer rehabilitation.

Bulbul Bahuguna, MD, ’90 GME, a psychiatrist with NorthShore University Health Systems, has been chosen as an Expert Network Distinguished Doctor, based on peer review, in addition to receiving numerous recognitions and accomplishments throughout her career.

Mary Howell, MD, ’90 GME, was named to the International Association of HealthCare Professionals.

Wesley Gene McNeese, MD, ’90 GME, was named associate dean for diversity and inclusion at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He also is an associate professor of Internal Medicine and Medical Humanities.

Angela Lima_150Angela Lima, MD, ’94 GME, recently joined Kaiser Permanente as a psychiatrist in Northern California, Central Valley Area, after many years of private practice in the Chicago area. She writes that she loves the weather.

Lance W. Coleman, MD, ’97 GME, previously senior medical director with Blue Cross of Idaho, joined health management solutions firm Lumeris as the medical director.


Prerak Shah, MD, ’98 GME, says “Go Cats!”

Prerak Shah, MD, ’98 GME, associate staff at Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary and clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School, was a Northwestern pediatric resident from Children’s Memorial Hospital prior to changing career paths into Otolaryngology. He was recently named to the board of directors of the Massachusetts Society of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery for a two-year term and reappointed to the Endocrine Surgery Committee of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery. Shah brought his eldest son for a college visit to Evanston this year, and they took in a basketball game together. He says, “Go Cats!”

Sheila E. Bloomquist, MD, ’04 GME, of Madrid, was married to Cayetano Martínez Beltrán, in Gibraltar, Spain, on March 18, 2016.

Eve C. Feinberg, MD, ’04 GME, medical director of Fertility Centers of Illinois, was named medical director of Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Highland Park.

Amit T. Darnule, MD, ’08 GME, was named to the Rising Stars Super Doctors publication.

Blake and Kim Barker_150Blake R. Barker, MD, ’10 GME, and Kim Do Barker, MD, ’11 GME, welcomed Benjamin Bao Barker on April 19, 2016. Blake is the internal medicine clerkship director at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Kim, also at UT Southwestern, is residency program director for the Department of PM&R.


Nathan Rudin, ’95 MS, MD, was promoted to professor of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. He continues to practice at the UW Health Pain Clinic. He recently completed terms of service as president of the Midwest Pain Society and president of the Medical Staff Board of UW Hospital and Clinics. Currently he heads a task force to unify orientation for new providers across UW Health. His eldest daughter is starting medical school this fall!


John Luther, ’81 DDS, joined Western Dental & Orthodontics as chief dental officer in August.