Northwestern Medicine expresses its condolences to the families and friends of the following alumni (listed in order of their graduation year) and faculty who have passed away. All dates are in 2020.

William “Bill” Schnaper, MD
March 16, 1950 – November 19, 2020

William “Bill” Schnaper, MD, of Wilmette, Illinois, beloved husband, father, and grandfather, passed away after a long illness at the age of 70. A revered and valued member of the Northwestern Medicine community, he touched the lives of many in his various roles as doctor, colleague, mentor, and scientist. Dr. Schnaper was a professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Kidney Diseases at Feinberg and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. A graduate of Yale University, Dr. Schnaper completed his medical education at University of Maryland and training in pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital. After two years in the National Health Service Corp, he completed a fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. His first faculty appointment was at Washington University, later holding positions at the National Institutes of Health and George Washington University before joining Northwestern in 1994.

Michael A. Heuer, ’56 DDS, MS
April 27, 1932 – June 4, 2020

Michael A. Heuer, DDS, MS, resident of Naperville, Illinois, passed away at the age of 88. A graduate of the Northwestern University Dental School, he went on to serve his country from 1956–1958 in the U.S. Naval Reserve. Specializing in endodontics, he held a private practice in Chicago for just under 30 years, and tenured professorships at Loyola University and Northwestern University. Dr. Heuer also served in various positions of leadership, eventually coming full circle as dean of the Northwestern University Dental School from 1993–1998 and ending his tenure in 1999 as professor emeritus of Otolaryngology in the Division of Dental Surgery. Dr. Heuer is remembered fondly by family, friends, and colleagues for his advice, sense of humor, storytelling, and passion for building model boats.


Margaret “Mickey” Gerber, ’44 MD, of Evanston, Illinois died September 23.

Martha K. Knudsen, ’46 BSDH, of Newton, Kansas died September 20.

Melvin Spira, ’47 DDS, ’51 MSD, MD, of Carlsbad, California died October 8.

Walter E. Furr, Jr., ’47 MD, of Miami, Florida died November 20.

Billie H. Shevick, ’48 MD, of Lake Worth, Florida died September 20.

J. Norman Young, ’51 MD, of Hinsdale, Illinois died October 13.

Wallace Carpenter, ’51 MD, of Rock Port, Missouri died September 1.

Joe S. Covington, ’52 MD, of Meridian, Mississippi died December 17.

Charles J. Morris, ’53 DDS, of Meridian, Idaho died December 24.

Dorothy “Dot” Pinkston, PhD, ’53 CERT, of Valdosta, Georgia died December 1.

Kurt E. Nelson, ’54 DDS, of Rock Island, Illinois died October 20.

Constantine J. Samios, ’55 MD, of Monte Sereno, California died February 5.

Myers William “Bill” Lockard, Jr., ’55 DDS, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma died December 6.

William F. Malone, ’55 DDS, ’73 PhD, of Kansas City, Missouri died October 28.

James A. Koch, ’56 MD, of Albuquerque, New Mexico died October 8.

Eugene Toone, ’57 DDS, of Phoenix, Arizona died September 19.

Wendell G. Venerable, ’57 CERT, of Oak Park, Illinois died August 28.

Donald D. Dierkes, ’58 MS, of Orinda, California died September 21.

William Staehle, III, ’58 DDS, of Fayetteville, North Carolina died November 20.

Maurice “Maury” Barancik, ’60 MD, of Naples, Florida died October 26.

William K. Platt, ’60 MD, of Lake Forest, Illinois died September 20.

George G. Markarian, MD, ’61 GME, of Lisle, Illinois died November 21.

Harry S. Okuda, ’61 DDS, of San Diego, California died November 26.

Paul E. Hodel, ’61 MD, of Goshen, Indiana died November 15.

Susanne Mennella,’61 BSN, of Scottsdale, Arizona died September 30.

Ann M. Luckert,’62 BSDH, of Woodruff, Wisconsin died October 30.

Ellen Atwater, ’62 BSDH, of Mequon, Wisconsin died December 13.

Martin W. Sandstrom, ’62 CERT, of Chicago, Illinois died September 22.

James P. Himmelwright, ’63 MD, of Opelika, Alabama died November 18.

Roland D. Cull, ’63 MD, ’64 GME, of Springfield, Illinois died October 17.

Bernard “Bud” Z. Gore, ’64 MD, of San Francisco, California died December 1.

Ernst K. Janzen, ’65 DDS, ’65 MS, of Northbrook, Illinois died December 24.

Jerome C. Bernhoft, ’66 MD, of Alamo, California died August 13.

Charles S. “Chuck” Borden, Jr., DDS, ’68 MS, of Galesburg, Illinois died November 2.

Eugene Means, MD, ’68, ’69 GME, of Naples, Florida died November 3.

Edward Schwenke, ’68 CERT, of Bourbonnais, Illinois died December 13.

Thomas Brown, ’70 MD, ’70 GME, ’78 MBA, ’79 GME, of Estero, Florida died December 27.

Glen G. Glista, ’71 MD, of Oak Brook, Illinois died November 2.

Philip Joseph Fitzsimons, ’71 MD, ’76 GME, of Glenview, Illinois died November 13.

Daniel W. Patterson, ’72 DDS, of Denver, Colorado died October 30.

Lawrence H. Luy, ’73 MD, of Freeport, Illinois died November 14.

Mac M. Ross, ’78 DDS, of Moab, Utah died August 24.

Nancy Walton Condon, ’79 MD, of Lake Forest, Illinois died September 5.

Robert M. Jarrett, MD, ’79 GME, of Rockford, Illinois died December 19.

William James Garehime, ’80 DDS, of Centennial, Colorado died September 21.

Sue M. Causey, ’82 BSN, of Louisville, Kentucky died September 19.

Steven Arthur Alstot, ’87 BSPT, of Portland, Oregon died November 7.

Linda F. Hayward, ’90 PhD, of Gainesville, Florida died October 10.

Michael John Morkin, ’91 MD, ’95 GME, of Reno, Nevada died November 25.

John Edward Sullivan, Jr., ’98 MS, ’98 SPEC, of Knoxville, Tennessee died November 24.

Russell W. Walker, ’01 CERT, of Buford, Georgia died December 26.