Davis W. Baldwin, ’53 MD, of Palo Alto, Calif., died Nov. 22. 

George R. Beauchamp, ’68 MD, of Dallas, died April 21.

William T. Beavers, ’48 DDS, of Jackson, Miss., died June 13.

Robert H. Becker, ’83 CERT, of Racine, Wis., died April 24. 

Richard L. Bettenhausen, ’66 MD, ’67 GME, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., died Dec. 21.

John H. Boyles, Jr., ’60 MD, ’67 GME, of Dayton, Ohio, died Dec. 4. 

Marion H. Brooks, ’61 MD, of Northbrook, Ill., died May 15. 

Jesse W. Castleberry, ’51 MD, of Eustis, Fla., died Nov. 19.

Thomas J. Dillon, ’43 MD, of Parker, Colo., died June 20.

William M. Fry, ’52 DDS, of Billings, Mont., died April 18.

Bernard C. Gerber, ’53 MD, ’56 GME, of Aberdeen S.D., died Dec. 4.

John B. Griffin, ’50 MD, of Sacramento, Calif., died Dec. 10.

Jeffrey Larner, ’86 DDS, ’88 MS, of Norcross, Ga., died May 23.

Stuart W. Leafstedt, ’63 MD, of San Antonio, died Dec. 7.

Michael E. Lomont, MD, ’91 GME, of Fort Wayne, Ind., died Nov. 27.

Gabriel A. Lorenzo, MD, ’66 GME, of Glenview, Ill., died April 25.

Harold L. Martin, ’55 DDS, of Flora, Ill., died May 21.

Bernard L. Portnoy, ’53 MD, of New Bedford, Mass., died Dec. 9, 2015.

Brooks Ranney, ’41 MD, ’48 MS, of Yankton, S.D., died Dec. 22.

Douglas J. Sanders, ’48 DDS, of Pikesville, Md., died April 20.

John P. Sanders, ’60 DDS, of Orem, Utah, died June 14.

Conway S. Snyder, ’52 DDS, of Salt Lake City, died June 1.

Charles L. Swanson, ’49 MD, of Fort Pierre, S.D., died Nov. 30.

Stanley B. Vander Aarde, ’57 MD, ’70 GME, of Orange City, Iowa, died Nov. 19. 

Brodie M. Williams, ’47 DDS, of Virginia Beach, Va., died April 30.

Stuart R. Winston, MD, ’70 GME, of Surprise, Ariz., died Nov. 13.


David W. Cugell, MD, emeritus professor of Medicine in Pulmonary and Critical Care, of Evanston, Ill., died Dec. 5.  

A. Todd Davis, MD, emeritus professor of Pediatrics, of Chicago, died Oct. 31. 

Donald I. Funk, MD, emeritus associate professor of Anesthesiology, of Boynton Beach, Fla., died Aug. 10.

B. Herold Griffith, MD, emeritus professor of Surgery, of Evanston, Ill., died Oct. 30.

Danielle Maatouk, PhD, assistant professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, of Chicago, died Nov. 13.